Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Just saw Forbidden a few days ago. The venue had awesome atmosphere, it was dingy and huge and very metal, but sadly not enough headbangers showed up - there were only a handful of people to begin with, they mostly only showed up to see the opening bands (White Wizzard, Revocation and Havok), and they couldn't even muster a proper mosh for Forbidden.
Forbidden put on an awesome show anyway, desolation notwithstanding. They really are bastions of the Bay Area thrash scene and they have not sold out one bit. Omega Wave sounded EVIL! When Russ bellows out "Omeegaaa", its ominous, eerie, and fucking powerful! They also played Through Eyes of Glass, Forbidden Evil, and I think...Adapt or Die. Among others. The night is hazy because by the time Forbidden came on I had already banged my head senseless (although not as much as someone in the audience who had blood streaming from their eye).

Revocation seem like a force to be reckoned with too - they're brutal shredders, but I have to agree with a review from Decibel magazine that said when Davidson is soloing, "The rest of the band often fails to compensate." In a way, it seems like the rest of the band holds David Davidson back - he has skills on the level of that guy from Animals as Leaders, but there just aren't enough solos, bridges and breakdowns for it to come through. I hope they go in a more technical jazz-Cynic kind of direction, because its the one thing that'll make them stand out and set them apart from all the other commercial death metal fodder out there.

And on the science front, I just finished my circadian rhythms course!!! :) I am now an expert in chronobiology, so if you need advice on jet lag, insomnia or shiftwork... I'm here to help!

My next post might just be about the suprachiasmatic nucleus...