Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Fish I Have Encountered this Summer

Some Fish I Have Encountered This Summer and the Metal Genres That They Belong In:

Sculpins are prickly, slimy and nocturnal. These creatures of the night live under boulders and can survive for several hours out of water if they're kept moist. They mostly feed on insects but once they get huge enough they've been known to eat baby salmonids. Like black metal, they're primitive and primordial!

Cutthroat trouts: THRASH METAL 
Cutthroat trouts thrash about wildly and have red slash marks on their throats which remind me of the band Razor. They're built for speed and are aggressive feeders, eating almost any prey items in their environment including other fishes, crustaceans, and insects.

Rainbow trouts: POWER METAL
Although closely related to the trashing cutthroats, rainbows have no aggressive razor cut-marks and instead show a pinkish tinge to their bodies. These beautiful beasts can actually be tickled into a trance-like state. The art of trout tickling goes back to the ancient times. In 230 A.D. , Aelian, a Greek writer, explained "If men wade into the sea, when the water is low, end stroking the fish nestling in the pools, suddenly lay hands upon and secure."
And in 1624, a line from Beaumont and Fletcher's 'Rule a Wife and Have a Wife' was: "Where comes a trout that I must tickle, and tickly daintily." Sounds very power metal to me.

Lampreys: DEATH METAL 
Like creatures from the movie Alien, lampreys parasitize other fish by rasping away at their flesh with row upon row of horny teeth and then suck the juices out. They're one of the most ancient lineages of vertebrates, have no jaws, and have seven separate gill openings. They seem to resist getting anesthetized; in fact, nothing can stop them from slithering around and secreting their evil slime!