Monday, October 18, 2010

The Comet Is Coming!

Comet Hartley 2 is going to get really close to the Earth on October 20th - close enough to see with the nekkid eye (although considering that we all live in light polluted cities, probably need some binoculars). The comet is Hartley 2, first discovered in 1986, the year the Dead Kennedys were taken to court by the PMRC for Frankenchrist (Jello won), the year Master of Puppets was released, the year Raven released The Pack is Back, and the year Megadeth released Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
What a year!
Anyway, the comet was discovered by Malcolm Hartley, and it orbits the Earth once every 6 and a half years - but this time its special, because it's making its closest approach to Earth since its discovery (close = about 11 million miles away).
Look for it towards the East (if you're in the US, I guess), near the constellation Auriga and its really bright star, Capella. It should look like a 'ghostly' green blob (just in time for Halloween). The best time to see it is early in the morning, so when you're stumbling home from a show look up at the sky.

The next post will be a metal one, I promise. In fact, I'm not reviewing Dave Mustaine's book yet because I have midterms, but I'm definitely going to be reviewing the Raven show I went to... John Gallagher hugged me!